Offline CHM references for Python, Django, CSS and JQuery

As I've detailed before, our internet here in Rwanda can be a bit flakey.  As such, it is pretty useful having documentation for the libraries we use available when the network is down. (or when it is just really slow, which is often)

I used to use the HTML version of the Sphinx docs for Python and Django, but discovered CHM (Compiled HTML) the other day and it has even better search capabilities.  On OS X the best CHM client I've found is ArchMoch, though there seem to be some files it doesn't get along with.

Anyways, to save you the time of tracking all those CHM files down, here they are hosted off my DropBox:

Python 2.6.2 CHM Docs

Django 1.2RC1 CHM Docs

JQuery CHM Docs

Note that the JQuery CHM doesn't seem to have an index built for it, so searching isn't quite as great for it.

I haven't found a good CSS reference in CHM format, my ideal would be something like the sitepoint or w3 schools references.  Maybe if I get the time I'll compile one later.  But I did find a nice little cheatsheet for CSS:

CSS CheatSheet PDF

Of course, even having these you won't get the full power of Google's amazing answering powers, but it is something.  If you have any to add, let me know and I'll link them up.